Palex Metals has been preliminary approved for ISO 9001:2015 certification by Perry Johnson Registrars pending the final audit.

Our company Quality Management System is geared toward achieving zero defects for every part produced and shipped, every day, every shift, and every time.  We take this goal seriously by first: having quarterly QMS reviews and ongoing system audits and second, through thorough operator and employee training to meet these standards.  Our inspection procedures include the inspection of parts after every operation as well as prior to shipment to achieve our goals.  These records are kept for seven years on a job by job basis.  We are fully aware of six sigma, lean and SPC processes and controls and implement monitoring where applicable to minimize defects.  All of our inspection tools and gages both in the inspection room and on the manufacturing floor are calibrated at regular intervals and traceable to NIST standards.  

Palex Metals is a member of ASQ and is an advocate for employee training in developing quality leaders and ongoing certifications.  We highly value ASQ certification and an ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement both at the employee level, inspection department level and from senior management.  We have preliminary ISO 9001:2015 certification approval from Perry Johnson Registrars pending the final audit which we expect to complete by August 2021.

Our QMS manual is available upon request.

Perry Johnson Registrars

ASQ member                  

SME member                  

ASME member               

AWS member                 

ANSI standards                   

ASTM standards                       

ISO standards                 

NIST standards              

***Palex Metals is committed to quality and customer service 100% no exceptions***

     John Jameson